114 - Aluminum Tab for 806/80x Clamp Adapter
114 - Aluminum Tab for 806/80x Clamp Adapter

114 - Aluminum Tab for 806/80x Clamp Adapter

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The decking tool to rule them all

Introducing the 114, our classic aluminum tab for 806/80X. This component is laser cut to ensure each tab is cut to spec for easy insertion into the decking adapter tools.

This purchase includes:

  • x1 CNC Laser Cut Aluminum Tab for 806/80X clamp adapters

No additional hardware is included.

These tabs have been made available for purchase for individuals that want to produce their own adapters but don't want to fabricate the aluminum tabs.

806 clamp adapter kits include tabs. You do not need to purchase additional tabs to complete your kits.

Users also acknowledge and accept responsibility to obtain and produce all additional hardware required to complete a fully functional device (if applicable).

Professional Results require Professional grade tools

the master of its class

Level up your tool kit

The 806, decking clamp adapter, is an unrivaled universal decking install tool. It is the only tool available today that allows users to compress any decking, on any frame, at any angle.

It is compatible with all decking manufacturers including TimberTech, Decorators, WearDeck, Trex, Fortress, Pressure Treated, IPE, Cedar, and more. Use your clamps on decking over wood framing, concrete, steel framing, aluminum framing, and more. It's even capable of installing decking over bladder systems and screens over joists.

Install decking on any frame, at any angle

How does it work?

The 806, decking clamp adapter, is designed to be installed on a clamp providing up to 600 lbs of board bending force! The adapter is sized to fit in between the deck board gaps allowing the installer to work any sized deck boards, on any kind of frame, at any angle. Let your imagination be the limitation for your designs, not your install options.

You can even use them over bladder systems and screens!

Building a set?

The table above lists the compatible clamps and varying price points. We all wish money was no object, but sadly it still is. As a professional builder, we understand you operate on budgets so we've helped you with some math.

Once you decide how many decking clamps you want, you can pick which compatible clamp you want to work with and quickly see how much you can expect to invest into your deck builder setup!


We have decided to produce all of our products in ASA, or acrylonitrile styrene acrylate. While this is once of the more difficult mediums to work with, it has some incredible benefits. ASA is an industrial grade filament for producing components with high impact, heat, water, and UV resistance. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly filaments due to containing renewable raw materials.

The 806 clamp adapter kit includes all components to convert 1 Dewalt medium/heavy duty or Irwin medium/heavy duty clamp.

  • x2 DeckMasterJ 806 decking adapters
  • x2 CNC laser cut tabs
  • x4 3/4" 10-24 zinc plated screws and nuts

All of our printed parts are manufactured in South Carolina, USA. DeckMasterJ assembly and shipping is located in Pennsylvania, USA.

All of our 806 decking adapter kits come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.

Should you experience any manufacturer defects that cause your product to fail in the first year, please contact us at info@deckmasterj.com.

Should your products survive the first year, we expect you will enjoy it for many, many years to come.